Behind the scenes


The government in Australia is wonderful we have a fair voting system and the government cares for the people not the money. Our current prime minister is tony abbot. The government have fights but there is never war. The first picture is tony abbot our prime minister. The second picture is of parliament house in Canberra that is were the decisions are made and the last picture is of the coat of arms which is Australia's symbol.


Australia has a wide variety of animals from big to small. Here are some pictures of native Australian animals. The first animal is a koala they are cute and cuddly and some are friendly. The second animal is a kangaroo some kangaroos can be aggressive but some are friendly. The last animal is a wombat, wombats are cute, fat little things that are mostly friendly.


There are loads of native Australian plants but the main ones are the gum tree, wattle and the bottle brush.

Famous places in Australia

There are many famous places in but the three most famous places are the great barrier reef, Uluru and the Sydney opera house. The great barrier reef is a place that you can swim with sea creatures and touch them to. Uluru is a desert with a huge red rock in it , it has been there for many years and the opera house is were live performances are.
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Come to australia and have an aussie adventure!