High School Dropouts & the Factors

by Ivan Macias

The Individual and Contextual Factors

Both individual and contextual factors play part in why there are still a lot of students dropping out from high school. The individual factors include "attitudes, behaviors, school performance, and prior experiences" (Rumberger, 2011, p. 7). The contextual factors include school influence on student achievement.

The Dropout Rate Decreases, but the Factors Remain the Same.

The Rate Decreases, but not Enough

Though the dropout rate decreases every year, the students affected mainly state because of school, family, or work responsibilities.

This Author Talks Experience

When I was in high school, I saw first-hand who were the students that were dropping out from high school. My Alma Mater was heavily Hispanic, and the freshman class of 2011 had nearly 1,000 students attending, and by senior year, only about 450 students in the class remained. In the area, the Hispanic students were helping with bills and take care of family matters, which did not allow many to focus in class. Since there were fights breaking out, the suspension of students even gave more reason for the students to drop out and focus on family responsibilities. Many people I went to school with work at supermarkets because it was the best they could find with their educational level.