The Chicano Movement

By Edith Martinez

Ricardo Sanchez

He was born into a poor Mexican American family in Rio Grande City during the Vietnam war.He was top 20% of all ROTC cadets.In 1977 he had transferred from infantry to armor. On July 10, 2001 Sanchez became commander of 1st Armored Division.He was in command when he abuse prisoners.

His famous work

the pain is still too new, Madrecita querida, to channel and direct those loving sentiments to you which now churn within my mind and soul. . . In Affirmation Ripcord-Sergei Sanchez, first born son, Libertad-Yvonne Sanchez, spirited one, Jacinto-Temilotzín Sánchez, munchkin-bateau Adored Children of my Sun In Loving Confirmation María Teresa Silva Sánchez Compañera, Esposa y Querida family is the ultimate song that wafts through mind and soul, it is the final arbiter of meaning, the cauldron where love stews . . .
T-the great of words to a great understanding to the meaning of real life and what it really is and the meaning of wanting to be great and be know for what the family really is and shown

P-The poem shows the out stand and the great of things wanting to be more powerful and making a more better thing in what the life really was and making it into

C-The love and the soul to be the negative are the stews and the

A-its mostly negative and the though of having a good felling

S-its mostly in the time where he has to much of the same things

T-the title of making a change and though of the people

T-the theme is for what it really us and how it really matter to make a change and be greater

The Chicano movement