Ready, Set, CC!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Good Monday Morning Everyone!

I pray you've enjoyed a wonderful weekend! We had a rather interesting weekend that ended with my husband losing his cell phone in the bottom of a lake in Alabama and him having to jump off of a 25 ft balcony because he got locked out of the house in his pjs while trying to enjoy his morning coffee and a breath taking view!! Thank goodness there was a coded key pad on the front door that did not require a key to get back into the house and that in the midst of the drama Jamal remembered the code he'd written down (which was in the house too)! Never a dull moment with the Baker family! ;-)

As you prepare for CC tomorrow, I just want to send out a few reminders:

Family Presentation - The Bartlett Family will share some fun facts about their family tomorrow. The Bullard Family will share with us next Tuesday, September 8th.

Science Experiment - Don't forget to bring in any large, empty glass jars you may no longer need so we can use them for our science experiment. Thank you! ;-)

Say Cheese! - Please bring in your cameras or charge your cell phones/tablets to capture those Kodak moments during Foundations, Essentials and Challenge. We'd love to use these pictures for our year end celebration slideshow and to possibly post on our Facebook page.

Aftercare Childcare Nappers - If you'd like for your little one to take a nap in the afternoon during Essentials, please bring in a mat and blanket for them. :-)

Until then, let me know if you have any questions and let's make it another fantastic day of CC tomorrow!

Tamieka ;-)