May 2-May 6

THE LEADER IN ME turns students into highly effective people.........Daily News

Employers in South Central Kentucky may seen a happier and more proactive workforce in the coming years. This is due to students at Bowling Green Independent Schools and Warren County Public Schools participating in “The Leader in Me,” a new approach to teaching leadership using Dr. Stephen Covey’s “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.”

The program, a collaborative effort between the Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce, the schools and FranklinCovey, aims to show all students they have the ability to become leaders. The goal is to create a higher quality workforce with higher graduation rates and improved skills such as work ethic, leadership, communication and goal-setting.

Students in Kentucky, as well as in more than 1,500 schools nationwide, are learning to “put first things first,” “think win-win” and “be proactive.”

“The Leader in Me” began in 1999 when A.B. Combs Elementary School was told to either reinvent itself or be shut down, according to

Principal Muriel Summers asked parents what they would like to see implemented and received answers such as leadership, responsibility, communication, creativity, cross-cultural skills and self-direction.

She found that parents wanted their students to reach their full potential, rather than just the best possible test scores. She turned to Covey’s “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” and in 2006, A.B. Combs became the top magnet school in the country.

In response to this success, Covey published his book “The Leader in Me,” which documents the program and its outcomes.

In the years since “The Leader in Me’s” inception, school administrators across the United States have seen positive changes in students, reporting increases in student confidence, teamwork, initiative, responsibility and creativity, as well as improved test scores and decreases in disciplinary issues, according

The value of “The Leader in Me” isn’t lost on students. Some said the program changed their lives.

“ ‘The Leader in Me’ made me a better person, and I am thankful for it,” said a Lost River Elementary School student, adding that he is now more responsible, organized and nicer. He said thanks to “The Leader in Me,” he thinks ahead, packing his backpack the night before school to avoid having to worry about it in the morning.

In addition to being more organized, students reported improvements in their behavior, as is the case with one Richardsville Elementary School student.

“At my previous school, I was rebellious and defiant,” she said. “Since practicing the seven habits at Richardsville Elementary, my attitude has become more positive.”

Her favorite habit to practice is “put first things first,” she said. “When I am home, I have to do my chores before I play. Before I started practicing ‘put first things first,’ I did not do my chores, and then my mom and I would argue about me not doing them.”

She said her mother is proud of her new habit, and she plans to continue using each of the seven habits throughout her life.



Monday: E Day

3:15pm Marble Slab Sundaes set up for staff because "I scream, you scream, we all scream for TEACHERS!"

3:30PM Team Leaders meeting in the conference room

3:30pm Webinar about 10 point grade scale for grades 3-5 reps

Tuesday: F Day

"For all you give, for all you do, this morning treat is just for you!"

RTI Data Conferences during planning in conference room

5pm-8pm ZAXBYs night --- please send a rep from your grade level to support PES PTO!

Wednesday: A Day

"Thank you for PUDDING your heart into teaching"

9:00am Headstart visits our Kindergarten friends!

Thursday: B Day

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Cinco De Mayo lunch - enjoy chips and dips in the lounge for lunch!

6:00pm Judy Ryan celebrates at the district TOY dinner

6:30pm PTO Board meeting

Friday: C Day

Dickeys BBQ hosted by PTO for all staff

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My AHA Moment from Friday's PD

I thoroughly enjoyed our time together on Friday afternoon with Michael Armstrong. I've spent the weekend reflecting on my AHA moments and invite any of you to share yours....For me, I learned so much. I learned from our first activity together that people approach change differently. We all FEEL change differently - and that must be honored during this process. When we separated ourselves into groups at the end, I noted the number of staff members that need us to make connections for them in order to proceed comfortably. I want to help you do this. Most importantly, I realized that I want this so badly for our staff and our students - but I am going to slow down......I realized that that the speed that I'm rolling this out will only be as successful as all of our investment so I am excited about empowering others to engage in this process alongside me. I invite you, friends, to share your AHA moments from Friday.......and join me in this journey!