Minnesota in 1840s-1860s

mn studies project by:Cameron Riddle

Take advantage of the beautiful land before it's gone

There is more than twenty million acres of land.The country is filling up fast.Leave your land that is harmful and come to tremendous Minnesota.Leave your cruel land and move to the amazing territory that is Minnesota.

People in Minnesota

I can truthfully say that I don't regret coming here.Most people who lived in Minnesota were Dakota and Ojibwe. By the 1860s the majority of the population was European Americans.Harriet Bishop was the first school teacher.Even maids don't have to work in fields.

Pictures and description

Sickness and transportation,and fun facts

Sickness and transportation

No ague or fever here.Oxcart was a common use for transportation by the 1840s.

Fun facts

Minnesota became a territory in March 3rd 1849.

Minnesota became a state in May 11th 1858.

And Minnesota didn't have as much people to become a state.