Hero Project


Hero Defintion Essay

Jacob Chang

5th Period


The online dictionary definition of a hero is a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities. Anyone can be a hero; from a fireman, to your next door neighbor. Although all heroes vary in physical and emotional features, they all have two things in common; they are prepared to sacrifice, and they have compassion.

A hero is someone who is prepared to sacrifice. Imagine a soldier on the warfront. His group of soldiers had just defeated the enemy in a hard fought battle. Just when the soldier is about to leave, he sees a family of four trapped inside a collapsed building. He also sees another enemy platoon coming in the distance. In a split second he decides to go and save the family. He tells the family to back up and blows a hole through the wall with a grenade. He brings the family out and they run to safety. However, the enemy soldiers are already in the building and they attack him at once. This is an example of a true hero because he was willing to sacrifice everything he had to save that family. Although he didn’t to, he knew it was the right decision to make. Sacrifice is something every true hero must face.

A hero is someone who has compassion. Conceptualize an old man going to a food bank everyday for two hours. Consider the time and effort it takes to do such an accomplishment. Then think about how many people this one man has helped in his life. This old man shows compassion because he goes to a food bank and he helps prepare food for many people. He feels compelled to do this because in his mind, each and every single person he helps, deserves the food and preparation they received through the old man’s hard work. This shows compassion deep inside this man’s heart.

The soldier and the and the old man are an exceptional example of what a true hero should look like. Any person who is willing to sacrifice and show compassion is capable of doing heroic deeds. Anyone can pretend to be a hero, but not many people have the genuine qualities of an unquestionable hero. Even though it may be difficult, try to become a hero in someone’s life. Maybe someday, you could change their world.