Hydrogen Powered Vehicles!

By: Nabeel and Nikolas

Chemical Equation for the Combustion of Hydrogen

Heat Energy + 2H(g) + 2O(g) --> 2H20(l) + Heat Energy + Light Energy

The above chemical equation can be classified as a combustion reaction because hydrogen burns oxygen. It is necessary for heat energy to be a reactant in the reaction so that the attractive forces between the atoms and molecules of the reactants are broken.

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Energy Released from the Combustion of Hydrogen

The combustion of hydrogen is an exothermic reaction meaning it releases more energy than it absorbs. This energy can be used as clean energy to power motor vehicles such as; buses and cars.

The use of powering vehicles by the combustion of Hydrogen

Vehicles can be powered by the combustion of hydrogen with the use of a hydrogen internal combustion engine. Below is a diagram of an engine blueprint for hydrogen propelled engine made by nasa.
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How do internal hydrogen engines work?

How Engine Works with Hydrogen Fuel Enhancement .flv

Advantages of Hydrogen Power

The advantage of using hydrogen as a source of energy compared to gas or guel is that clean, renewable enrgy is produced and less natural resources are consumed since hydrogen is the most abundant element found in the universe.Another advantage is the fact that the only output from the combustion of hydrogen is water vapor and heat, no greenhouse gases are produced. Using hydrogen powered vehicles can decrease our impact on global warming and if a majority of the population begin using it we can lower our greenhouse emissions back down to a reasonable standard.
Dr. Michio Kaku on Hydrogen Future – 2015 Consumer Electronics Show | Toyota

How does this affect our lifestyle

Combusting hydrogen to produce clean and renewable energy helps to cut down on the current threat from global warming since only clean and renewable energy is produced. This would help to fight our current global issue of climate change that affect millions of people in current highy polluted countries such as China where the atmosphere is filled with dangerous chemical smogs that can kill or harm citizens. If the rest of the world doesn't contribute this important global problem they too will be highly affected by pollution from dangerous chemical reactions which can cause the environment too be so polluted that people may incur hazardous situations such as toxic poisoning and human deficiency problem.

Combusting hydrogen to use as an energy source instead of fuel would also be less costly to produce and can save on purchasing cheap hydrogen gas instead of gasoline or fuel. This also reduces the amount of natural resources being consumed for energy such as fossil fuels and oil. Overall using hydrogen as an energy resource is more financially and environmentally efficient.


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