Edgar Allan Poe


Edgar Allan Poe's early life

He was born in Boston,Massachusetts, January,19,1809. After the three years of his birth, both his parents died. He was taken in by a wealthy tobacco merchant, John Allen, and his wife Frances Valentine Allan. His other siblings went to other families. Edgar grow up in Richmond, Virginia, with the Alla's,

Edgar Allan Poe's Adult Life

Edgar became a heavy drinker, and dropped out of school. He was deep in dept and before this John Allan gave Edgar about a third of what money he needed. Edgar was shunned by John Allan. In 1827 Edgar joined the U.S. Army. Edgar was 18 when he joined the Army. In 1829 Mrs. Allan died. In 1830, Edgar entered West Point as a cadet. Edgar didn't stay long because John Allan refused to send him any money. People believe Edgar broke rules and ignored his duties and was dismissed.

Edgar Allan Poe's life as a writer

In 1831 some of Edgar's poetry was published in New York City. Edgar submitted a lot of his stories to magazines but all rejected. Edgar had no friends, no job, and had financial troubles. Edgar sent a letter to John Allan begging for help, but none came. John Allan died in 1834. Edgar was not mentioned in John's will. In 1835 Edgar got a job as an editor for a newspaper because he won a contest. Poe stupidly quit his job saying it was because poor salary. Edgar found himself without a regular job once again. Virginia was getting sick and Edgar was depressed because of it. Virginia die in 1847, 10 days after Edgar's birthday. After losing his wife Edgar collapsed from stress, and then recovered. Edgar died on Sunday, October, 7, 1849. The mystery surrounding Edgar's death has lead to myths and urban legends.

Interesting Facts About Edgar Allan Poe

  1. Edgar's nickname was Eddie.
  2. Edgar married his cousin Virginia in 1836.
  3. Edgar was 27 and Virginia was 13 going on 14 when they got married.
  4. To many the name Poe brings an image of murders and madness to mind.
  5. While waiting to enter West Point, Edgar lived with his grandmother and his aunt.
  6. He was in the .U.S Army, but got kicked out.
Edgar Allan Poe's THE RAVEN