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News & Notes

- The School Spelling Bee is Tuesday at 10am. The media center will be closed during the spelling bee.

- Ms. Hall with the governor's office will meet with K-3 during your planning on Tuesday to update your red/yellow/green posters and reflect upon the data.

- The faculty meeting will be on Wednesday at 2:45 in the media center. All certified staff and parapros are to be there. We also need at least one custodian rep., office staff rep., and lunchroom staff rep. present. The is the SACS accreditation kickoff meeting. Plan to stay until 3:30.

- The book fair preview is Friday.

- The district tech fair is Saturday, Jan. 23 at JPB. If you sign up and help, I will give a jeans pass.

- Please email lunch counts to Latasha Lovett.

Next Week's Calendar

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Tweet of the Week

Kindergarten is the new first grade.

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- All teachers are required to be trained in the new automated sub calling system - AESOP. The training is Feb. 2 at 4pm at SHS. If you cannot make Feb. 2, there is another training on Feb. 3 at 4pm at SHS.

- The leadership team will meet on Jan. 26 at 2:45.

Day of Innovation 2.0

We are looking forward to our second annual Day of Innovation on Friday (the 100th day of school). Teachers have some really cool and exciting activities planned for the day.
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Friday Funny Paper

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