Walking in the Master's Footsteps

A week long journey in the Holy Land!

Walk in the steps of Yeshua Ben Joseph and Mary Magdalene

Facilitated by Amichai Yam Indra Kumar

The week long retreat will combine ascension, sacred sexuality, earth healing and kabalistic white magick teachings that are related to Yeshua and Mary Magdalene story and legacy. We will visit historic places and clear and re-active the seeds of Christ consciousness sown by these two enlightened masters 2000 years ago.

These two masters were initiates of many mystery traditions of the great brotherhood of the white light and the mystery school of Isis. In this retreat we will be guided by live channeling and spiritual teachings coming from all these mystery traditions.

Walking in the footstep of the Masters - Jerusalem

Sunday, March 20th, 8am-5pm

Essene Farm, Even-Sappir Israel

The spiritual teachings included in the retreat:

  1. The teachings of the crystal ray from the temple of Master Horlet, the dweller of Unal in Atlantis and Master Indra kumara in Lower Shambhalla – the capital of Agatha.
  2. The Sex Magick of Isis – Sacred sexuality practices from the Isis mystery school.
  3. Hermetic Kabalistic White Magick – from the western mystery tradition of Master Thoth.
  4. The angelic communions of the Essene brotherhood.
  5. Daily meditations morning, noon and night.
  6. Initiation to the order of Archangel Michael – light-warriors training.
  7. Sacred singing circle within a white crystal pyramid.
  8. The Solomon Code Codes for wealth and prosperity - Meditation, Invocation Etheric Installation
  9. Magdalene Musings - Sophia Wisdom - Special Spring Solstice Ceremony & Invocation - Divine Feminine Activation

Retreat Location

The Essene farm is located in Even Sapir, a small village in the midst of the green recreation area of the Jerusalem Mountains only twenty minutes drive from Jerusalem. The village is built on the lush slope of a magnificent mountain range, surrounded by Mediterranean forests with an abundance of springs within short walking distance.

Amichai Yam Indra Kumara

Amichai Yam Indra Kumara is a priest, healer, earth healer and spiritual teacher of the order of Melchizedek. His teachings are a balance of channeling, soul memories, comparative spiritual research and down to earth daily practice. He teaches webinars, workshops and courses on "Initiation to the order of Melchizedek" and "The sex magick of Isis. He works in co-creative processes with the masters of the heavenly Jerusalem to bring about heaven on earth, new methods of healing, education, arts and government.

Retreat Fee Details

$3000 - USD for 7 day retreat includes:

  • 8 days lodging and all vegetarian meals - on days we're at the Essene Farm
  • Transportation to and from Essene Farm to day trips
  • All teachings, activations, healings, techniques

Does not cover:

  • Flight to/from Jerusalem
  • Tips to guides
  • Meals on the days we're not at the retreat center
  • Any Visa fees or entrance to Israel

Use the link below to pay via Paypal or email: amichai.yam@gmail.com