Rudolf Dreikurs

Behavior Management


Rudolf Dreikurs was born in Vienna, Austria on February 8, 1897. He made numerous contributions to society until his death on May 25, 1972 in Chicago, Illinois. He was an american psychiatrist and educator who developed psychologist Alfred Alder's system, which included the method of understanding the purposes of reprehensible behavior.

Behavior Management

He suggested that human misbehavior is the result of feeling a lack of belonging to one's social group. His overall goal was that students would learn to cooperate reasonably without being penalized or rewarded. In 1952, Dreikurs organized a group of followers to found the North American Society of Alderian Psychology.


"A child needs encouragement as a plant needs water" -Rudolf Dreikurs

Dreikurs Contribution

Dreikurs believed that "all behavior has a purpose." He constructed what is often considered the most effective tool in helping to understand children's behavior: The Four Goals of Misbehavior and the techniques of effectively revealing these to a misbehaving child. The development of the system of natural and logical consequences, and the application of these techniques, may well be Dreikurs' finest contribution to the betterment of human society. Today there are Adlerian schools, and institutes throughout the US, most which would have not existed without the inspiration and support of Rudolf.

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