Keep your friends close

Brigham Everett Period 1-2

Analysis of Development of Theme

I the book freak the mighty Kevin moves in down the street from max. At first they don't really like each other that much. But eventually they do. Anyways because of their friendship they go on adventures together and Kevin teaches Max how to read and write. Without Kevin Max would struggle learning in school. Its important that we have friends because they can help you during tough times. Kevin really helps Max at one point in the book when his dad is trying to kill him. Kevin jumps in through a window and has a squirt gun in his hands. its full of stuff that would hurt your eyes. He shoots the mixture into Max's dads eyes. They escape the building and Killer Kane is arrested by the cops outside.

Reflection and Application of Theme

I agree with the theme in this book because it can work in many different situations. Like if your having a hard time you can turn to your friends for help. Or when your confused then your friends can help you understand. This theme is relevant to our generation because, some people when there having a hard time then friends will help them and when your bored your friends will change that. Its just good to have friends. Kevin and Max for example were great friends they helped each other out with school and getting around. They went on adventures slayed dragons and saved Princesses. They never parted from each other they helped each other out when they were having a hard time with something. That's why we have friends, And that's why its a great theme.



Freak the Mighty

Kevin and Max met when Kevin moved in down the street. They used to go to day care together. Kevin had a disability he didn't have a very big body which kept him from doing a,lot of things but it didn't keep him from going on adventures with Max. They went on plenty of adventures together slaying dragons and saving damsels. Kevin's doctor told Kevin that he could get a new robot body and he believed it, his doctor thought he wouldn't stick with that forever but Kevin did. He was so obsessed with robots and fantasy he thought he could get a new body but he couldn't. Kevin was very smart and he carried a dictionary around with him. Max wasn't that smart so Kevin taught him how to read and write. He also taught him big words. They were very good friends. Kevin and Max hung out every day, they went on adventures to the pond and to the hospital. They even went to the creepy old neighborhood across the pond. They met Loretta and Iggy there. At first they were mean but when Killer Kane came they tried to protect them. Killer Kane was Max's father. He is called that because he killed Max's mom with his bare hands. Max and Kevin had many enemies. There was Tony-D, Iggy and Loretta, And especially Killer Kane. None of them were really a threat but Killer Kane. He kidnapped Max and brought him to an abandoned house that was burned down awhile back. He tied him up and left him. Loretta came to save him but Killer Kane came back and started to strangle her. But just then Kevin broke in through a small window. He had a squirt gun and it had a mixture of stuff that really stings your eyes it pretty much feels like acid is burning out your eyes. Anyways Kevin shoots it into Killer Kane's eyes. They start to run away and killer Kane chases them but when they get out side there were cops everywhere. They arrested killer Kane and put him away forever. They found Loretta and she was fine. They had been on many interesting adventures but none beat this one. Because of what happen'd and every thing else that had happened they were best friends. Nothing could separate them from each other, they were FREAK the MIGHTY