Energy for the Future

By: Jackie Moran

Solar, Wind and Water

Solar energy comes from the sun. We recover the suns energy through solar panels. Solar panels can be found anywhere. Solar energy is considered renewable because the suns energy will never run out (in our lifetime anyway) and can be used most of the time but not when the sun goes down! This is a good energy source for the future because the suns energy will never run out. Also, it is good because we will be getting electricity from nature and not polluting the world.

Hydro power is from water from a dam. Hydropower is recovered with dams and rivers. It can be found almost anywhere near water. It is considered renewable because water probably won't run out in our lifetime. This is a good reusable resource for the future because it just takes the water from a dam, makes electricity and spits the water back out so, it doesn't waste any water.

Wind power is from the wind. Wind power is recovered with the use of wind turbines. It can also be found anywhere. Wind power is considered renewable because wind won't run out and it continuously comes and goes. Wind turbines should be used in the future because it is one of the cheapest resources and it will easily make electricity, as long as there is wind.

I think...

Wind energy

I think that wind energy would be the most beneficial for the future because…

  • One wind turbine can give electricity to about 500 homes.
  • About 80 different countries use wind power to get electricity.
  • Windmills date back to about 2000 B.C.

People should use wind energy in the future because wind energy is super clean and it is one of the cheapest types of renewable energy. You can have them anywhere as long as its a big space and it is friendly to the earth because it just uses wind and wind comes from energy. It makes electricity easily, it just uses components inside of the machine and it delivers it quickly. Also, if there is a huge cluster of houses, they can all be powered by one wind turbine which would save money. Many new wind power fields are being developed almost daily across the world.

People are probably not using wind turbines that much because wind turbines are pretty big so they don't fit in small places. A lot of people live in cities which means that they probably live in an apartment with a small outside place so they would use another renewable resource. Also, the cost of wind turbines are one of the cheapest but maintaining it costs a lot. One devastating consequence for putting wind turbines up is that the rotating blade is big and fast that it kills a lot of birds who unfortunately fly into it. It also kills bats who unfortunately fly into the actual generator by accident.

I think that it is a good idea to use wind turbines now rather than wait until the future because we are polluting the world and wind energy will help decrease the pollution rate and will still provide the same electricity that regular lights would. Also, technology is getting better now so it would be most efficient to start using it now to make sure that it gets used in the future.


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