Weekly News

September 8-11

4th Grade T-shirts

If you have not done so already, please send in your T-shirt money ($10). Thank you. :)

Math: Place Value, Rounding, Addition and Subtraction Algorithms

We continue with our first module. We now use Ten Marks, IXL, and ST math regularly. In addition, students take mixed review quizzes on Fridays. This week we begin math groups. This will provide the opportunity for small group instruction.

To access IXL on the iPad, student will need to use the following link. It is specific to our district's account.

Math Posters

Math posters have students demonstrate a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts. Check out some examples. :)

Video and practice links to Module 1

Language Arts

Writing: Opinion Writing

Grammar skill: Compound Sentences

Reading: Finding the Titanic

Academic Vocabulary: Organize/Organization

Spelling: /u/ sound

Book Reports

Directions went home last week for our first book report. It is due on September 30. Please encourage your child to be proactive in setting aside time to complete the reading, project completion, and presentation practice.

Social Studies

Students researched information on all four regions of California. This week they begin a Keynote presentation on one of the regions.

We will be making clay maps of California in next week. We have been studying California geography, and this is a fun project that turns out a beautiful relief map of California made by each student.

It is so helpful to have one parent at each table in the room for this project, which means we need 5 volunteers. We will be using Crayola Air Dry Clay. One parent can volunteer to prepare pieces of cardboard that the maps will be adhered to. These I will need by September 14th. These pieces need to be cut to a 10’ x 12’ size. One side of the cardboard should be blank so when the white paper is glued to it, you can’t see any writing through it. I usually find Trader Joes to be a good place to get cardboard from boxes they are throwing away. The important thing is that the cardboard is sturdy enough to hold the salt and flour map, so please no real thin cardboard.

If you can help in any of these areas, please email me as soon as you can. I am planning on making the maps in class on September 16th, beginning at 1:10. Parent helpers can arrive at 12:45.

Room parents, Julie or Mandy, will send you a confirmation of your choices below. Thanks!

______ I can cut 33 pieces of cardboard, glue the map sheet down, and send them to school by September 11th.

______ I can help in the classroom on September 16th mixing and helping the kids. 12:40 – 2:00 (time for mixing included)

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Be Proactive

We spend the next two weeks discussing, modeling, and role playing being proactive.

Coming Up

Sept. 16 California Clay Maps (Parent helpers needed.)

Sept. 17 Picture Day

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Have a wonderful week!

~ Mrs. Jones