Biography by: Gustavo Bahena


Cristiano Ronaldo was born in Madeira, Portugal, on February 5, 1985. Cristiano had one older brother than him named Hugo. Also had two older sisters named Elma and Liliana. Cristiano Ronaldo's name was inspired by the former US-president, Ronald Reagan.


Cristiano Ronaldo a lot of soccer when he was a kid. Cristiano Ronaldo was also one of the soccer players that gave charity to kids with no money. Also gives Christmas presents to kids as well. Sometimes Cristiano Ronaldo also donated blood for kids that were in an accident or something bad. Cristiano Ronaldo was a positive person because of his donating and also because of charity.

Life Story

Cristiano Ronaldo was a positive person. He gives charity and gives kids christmas gifts. He wanted to play soccer and be happy after his dad died in 2005. I would mostly described Cristiano Ronaldo as a nice and competitive person from helping kids and plays lots of soccer. Cristiano Ronaldo got lucky by being a good soccer player and his father taught him to be a good player but also his father died. I chose this person because he is a competitive person that likes to play a lot of soccer and I also like to play soccer. Cristiano Ronaldo is special because he has the skills of playing soccer. Something new I learned about Cristiano Ronaldo is that he isn’t really starting to be that famous anymore and there is more people out there that might be more famous than Cristiano Ronaldo.

Why I Chose This Person

I chose Cristiano Ronaldo because I like how he plays soccer and mostly because he is like the best soccer player. Also because he gives charity and donates blood to kids. Cristiano Ronaldo started playing in about his 10 years old. Also he was recognized in Madeira when he was 12 years old