Beware of the Tropical Moist Forest

We like dangerous animals, and creepy looking critters! :)

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The locations of the Tropical Moist Forest.

it is mostly located on the equator. In places like Central America, The Amazon, Africa, Southern Asia, and Australasia.

Climate of the Tropical Moist Forest.

The Climates of the Rainforest varies. Only depending on where you are. There is abundant rainfall throughout the year. Secondly, there is high humidity.

The Animals that like to adventure through this Forest.

Throughout this forest we have many different animals. Some including the Bengal Tiger, The Africa forest Elephant, Kinkajou, Proboscis Monkey and many more!

Plants, Plants, and More Plants!

In the Tropical Moist Forest we have a variety of different plant species growing on our forest floor. For instance like Elephant Ears, and Banana Trees. Carnivorous Plants, Saprophytes, and more.