Motion ..Nuff Said


Exapmles of work that take different amounts of force.

Loading a four wheeler into a back of a truck with ramps, will take hardly any force, where as loading the four wheeler without ramps will take an excessive amount of force. Ramps allow you to drive up and park, and without them you would have to fine a way to pick up the four wheeler.

Transformation of energy within an organism.

Living organisms require energy for carrying on their metabolic activities. The main source of energy for living system is solar radiation. The energy of sunlight cannot be utilised directly by all living organisms. This ability rests only with green plants. All the other organisms have to meet their energy requirement only through the green plants.

Forces that affect motion in everyday life.

Basically every movment you make is a force your using to have motion. Things such as getting out of bed, running, talking, and even sleeping take force. Without force nothing would have motion, or get around.