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The Basics

In a law firm you must know the simple things when dealing with a case like who the defendant (person being acquiesced in the case), the plaintiff (the person who brings the case against someone) this would come from pleadings of someone in the case, and of course what a trial is, which is the case that is happening, and also what it means when you read complaint, which means the pleading that initiatives a civil action.

Questions to ask yourself

If you are thinking of applying to this law firm then you should know what a summons is. If you do not know this is an order to appear in front of a judge. Hear is a case a man is accused of killing his wife's boyfriend in a struggle between the two when the husband came home, and his wife wants him to pay her 500 thousand dollars for emotional distress, the jury said that he was guilty of this charge and made him pay the money, the jury used an arbitration in the case. The husband is not happy with this verdict and wants to be seen in front of a higher court, what is this called? What is the word that means what the jury decides? What is the word that means a settlement of dispute?

Answers: appeal, verdict, and mediation

Client tips

When in court there are many things that well help you in a cases. One is the way you behave in a court room if you act mad then the jury believes that you have something hidden because of the anger built up. If you keep looking at the jury then they well feel as though you are guilty and do not over react when your lawyer goes to a pretrial conference before your trial. And to pray that the lawyer has preponderance of evidence, this is where their is more evidence on one said to favor that way.

How to become a client?

All you have to do is call the Tanner Law Firm and answer some simple question and we will set up an apointnment for you to come in and see one of our amazing lawyer's.

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