North vs. South

Kelsey S p.6

Geography in the North and South

In the North the geography is that they have freezing winters and hot summers, in the winter they killed animals to make their blankets. Farming was not easy in the north because it had a thin layer of rocky soil. From Ohio to Illinois settlers cleared forests to make way for farms. By 1850 Americans cleared 177,000 square miles of dense forests.

In the South the southerners enjoyed mild winters and long hot summers. There was a lot of swaps and marches along the coast. They had broad flat rivers, the ships could go could sail up their rivers and dock or load tobacco or other cash crops. Most of the southerners were farmers.

Transportation in the North and South

In the North they used railroads and roads to travel places. They did have the railroads and roads but boats were faster and cheaper than traveling on land. Traveling by water upstream against the current was hard work to do. By 1860 more than 20,000 miles of rail was linked to Northern factories to cities hundreds of miles away.

In the South they used the rivers to get places instead of roads like the North. Since the river was the main transportation in the South, most towns and cities came along the waterways. some railroads did get built in the South, that helped Southern farmers ship their products to the North. In 1860 the South had just 10,000 miles of railroad.

Economy in the North and South

People in the North shifted from making things and doing work by hand to making things and doing work with machines.The textile mill spun cotton into thread and weave the thread into cloth. They learned to use steam engines to power machinery.

The people in the South worked on their own farmers, but the plantation owners had slaves grow their cash crops such as tobacco, rice, sugarcane, and indigo. in 1793 Eli Whitney made the cotton gin, it was a hand-operated machine that cleaned seeds and other unwanted material from cotton. Between 1790 and 1850 the number of slaves rose from 500,000 to 3 million. Many white Southerners put more money into land and slaves, the didn't like the idea of factories.

Society in the North and South

The North the people were not wealthy or powerful. 7/10 of Northerners still lived on a farm. After the American Revolution ended the North started taking steps to end slavery, after the blacks in the North were free they still didn't get treated equal to white men. Between 1845 and 1860 4 million immigrants swelled the North's states. Most of them were from Ireland and Germany.

The whites in the South enjoyed a life full of parties and social visits. While the boys went to collage the girls got little education instead they were brought up to be wives and hostesses. 10% of white families were to poor to own land. A small amount of African Americans were free blacks, the free blacks had to wear special badges, pay extra taxes, and live away from the whites. The majority of African Americans were slaves or cooks, carpenters, blacksmiths, house servants, or nursemaids.