Albert Cyprys

Soccer Champion

Accounting Major

Albert Cyprys is an accounting major at Fairfield University, Connecticut, who loves the analytical skills that come with pursuing the subject. To further his knowledge, Cyprys is also a member of the Accounting Club. To help students get a feel of the profession, the club regularly invites speakers from renowned accounting firms to interact with students and share their stories.

Albert Cyprys - Volunteer

For a long time, Albert Cyprys has always embraced the notion of going out of his way to help the less fortunate. This is why he is an active volunteer in his neighborhood, regularly volunteering in the community’s soup kitchen and senior center.

As a soup kitchen volunteer, Albert Cyprys usually has the benefit of choosing a shift to work in. If it’s the morning shift, he will be expected to help prepare the meals and set up the eating area. During the midday shift, his duties extend to cleaning the tables, washing the morning’s dishes, and serving food to the guests. To help guide him, an experienced volunteer at hand to provide assistance.

When he’s not at the soup kitchen, Albert Cyprys will be at the local senior center. Many of the center’s residents don’t get to see their families, so any time spent with volunteers is highly appreciated. For Albert, this time is spent interacting with the residents, serving lunch, and playing board games. Senior citizens look forward to the games in particular, as there are gifts at the end that serve to motivate them.

Since he is always in a group of seven to eight volunteers, Albert Cyprys likes the fun and friendly atmosphere that is fostered. Most senior citizens also appreciate having people to talk to, and the conversations, though not deep, are extremely therapeutic to them. According to Albert, the sense of satisfaction that comes from putting a smile on a senior citizens face is invaluable and makes volunteer work much fun.

Albert Cyprys - Team Players

Look at any successful team, whether in sports, business or academics, and the backbone to such a team is in having strong team players. Team players are the people who resolve to get the job done and don’t quit until it is. While bad team players stand out, there are qualities that are special to the great team players.

To many of his peers, Albert Cyprys is a great team player. As a member of Fairfield University’s intramural soccer team, he was instrumental in helping the team win a championship. Even in practice, Albert’s desire to succeed and relentless energy makes him a favorite of both coaches and the fans.

According to Albert Cyprys, people who aspire to become great team players should embody the following characteristics.


A great team player can be relied upon in any situation, says Albert. You can count on them to get assignments done in time and they keep their word. They also strive to produce quality work, whether it’s on the field or in class.


Great team players do not shy from expressing their honest opinions about an idea or sharing their thoughts on an issue. At the same time, they respect the views of others and give credit where due.

Goes the extra mile

While getting your share of the work done qualifies you to be a good team member, great ones often go beyond their comfort zones to come up with creative solutions. As Albert Cyprys knows, successful teams need great team players to take the group’s efforts to the next level.

Albert Cyprys - Skateboarding for Beginners

For Albert Cyprys, skateboarding is an easy way to get around New York City, where traffic congestion can make movement a little hard. An accounting major at Fairfield University, he enjoys taking his skateboard with him whenever he’s in the city, and has explored the five boroughs of the city. It was an awesome experience, he confessed, but one that came after he properly knew how to ride the skateboard.

While different experienced skateboarders will have their own tales, Albert Cyprys likes to tell beginners to start by having the right equipment, specifically shoes, board, and protective pads. You can skate in your regular shoes, but skate shoes usually have a flat bottom that makes it more comfortable on the board. A helmet might be optional, but since you are a beginner and safety is your number one priority, wearing a helmet is a much safer option than going without.

Once you’ve got the gear, it’s time to practice standing on the board. Before you go about trying crazy stunts, aim to make your experience on the board as comfortable as possible. Even before you venture out into the sidewalk, try balancing the skateboard on a soft surface such as the lawn or living room carpet, says Albert Cyprys. This should help you get used to the board.

The getting comfortable part comes with practice, but afterwards you should be fine to start pushing off on the skateboard, says Albert. Take the skateboard to an area with minimal moving traffic, like a parking lot. Start with small distances as you gain the balance and confidence.

Accounting Major

Albert Cyprys is a self-motivated individual who enjoys being analytical and takes pride in being able to pay attention to the small details. He is a recent graduate of Fairfield University where he received his Bachelors of Science in Accounting and his Masters of Science in Accounting. Cyprys has participated in several internships for notable accounting firms, and has performed his duties at a consistently high level during each unique opportunity. As a dedicated intern, he was responsible for the development and implementation of budgets for construction plans while simultaneously evaluating and reviewing those budgets during projects.

He is a regular volunteer for the Polish and Slavic Center in Brooklyn, New York. The Polish and Slavic Center provides social and practical services to Polish and Slavic immigrants. They are the largest organization to represent this community on the East Coast. Albert assists with English language lessons for immigrants and provides help and guidance on citizenship application for immigrants. Giving back to his community is incredibly important to Albert.

In his free time, Mr. Cyprys, loves to skateboard through all five boroughs of New York, taking in the culture and sites that the city has to offer. Additionally he is an avid soccer fan and enjoys playing the global game. Besides soccer, he is also a tennis fanatic having been a member of the tennis club while attending Fairfield University.