Ngozi Ukata

Life Growing Up in the 1960's In Nigeria

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What Is Nigeria?

Nigeria is an African country on the Gulf Of Guinea.Its known for natural landmarks and wildlife reserves.One of the most recognizable sites is The Zuma Rock (which is 725 meters tall). The capital of Nigeria is Abuja, under President Muhammadu Buhari. The colors are green and white.

Biafra and the war of Biafra

Biafra was a secessionist state. The Biafran War, stemmed from January 1st, 1914 which forced the British amalgamation of 250 diverse and distant ethnic groups and two separate provinces into the single nation of Nigeria by combining the Northern province. Which not everyone agreed with such decision so war broke loose. The death toll was over one million people. The war lasted from July 6,1967-January 15,1970. Nigeria gained independence October 1,1960.

What was my Aunt Ngozi's life like growing up during the war?

My Aunt was born August 23,1964 to my grandma Elizabeth Ukata and my late grandpa Chimezie Ukata, in Lagos,Nigeria. When the war started my Aunt was 2 years,10 months,and 13 days old to be exact.She grew up in Nigeria, went to school, graduated at the top of her class,very smart and liked sports. She was a kid at the time so she doesn't really remember much of the war. But whenever the bombs went off my grandma would take her and her siblings and hid.

Fast Facts

1.Nigeria is #103 happiest country in the world

2.She did track in high school

3.She got medals in high school for track

4.She set state records

5.Loves vanilla ice cream