Weekly Bulletin

AFC Jr/Sr High School

Week of March 8th

Upcoming Dates

March 12th: Scholarship Applications Due

March 12th: End of 3rd Quarter

March 17: Am Early Dismissal (ES dismisses at 11:38, Jr/Sr High dimisses at 11:51)

March 29-April 5th: Spring Break (School resumes April 6th)

May 12th: Honor's Night

May 17th: Am Early Dismissal (ES dismisses at 11:38, Jr/Sr High dimisses at 11:51)

May 22nd: High School Graduation

May 26th: 8th Grade Graduation

Summer Jobs Program 2021

Please see below for more information we received regarding a summer job opportunity!

Great news! Summer will be here soon and we are busy planning for our annual Summer Jobs Program. The program will consist of paid work experience and paid soft skills training for workers who are 16-21 years old.

This is a wonderful opportunity for students who:

· have an IEP

· are pregnant/parenting

· are involved with court

· are homeless

· are being treated for a disability

· are eligible for free/reduced lunch

· are English language learners

· have dropped from high school

· are low income

Students may use the link below to start the application process. After students submit their information through the link, we will contact them to provide additional information. Students who have graduated or plan to earn their high school diploma/GED in 2021 or 2022 will have priority for jobs over other applicants.

Summer Job Opportunity (google.com)

Could you please share this link with interested students and with school staff who may know students with one or more of the above challenges?

Students may also sign up by contacting me at (815) 618-9848 or contacting our job developer, Alex Nelson, at (815) 441-2626. I also attached a flyer that can be shared.

Thank you !


Sally Hanrahan

BEST Inc., Youth Coordinator

815.618.9848 Cell

9th Grade Students of the Week

Big picture

Ethan Vogeler and Taylor Jahn

We had a tie this week between Ethan Vogler and Taylor Jahn for our 9th Grade Students of the Week! Their teachers had the following to say about them:

Ethan Vogeler

Ethan has been going the extra mile to be helpful. He volunteers to help in the class whenever something needs done and has a great personality.

Ethan is a dedicated musician who has joined our Leadership Teams in Band and Choir. Ethan is not only committed to improving himself, but also willing to work on improving our ensembles, too.

Ethan has done a great job when performing captain duties during Scholastic Bowl meets and led the Fresh-Soph teams in toss-ups answered correctly. He always brings a positive attitude and is sure to

Taylor Jahn

She is a quiet leader who consistently is a high achiever. She regularly participates and has an exceptional outlook on the world.

Taylor is an excellent student.

Taylor is a very good student. She's hard working, kind and caring.

Congratulations, Ethan and Taylor! We will be recognizing a 10th grader next week.