SLS Weekly Update

January 15, 2021

Rosen Resources

Here is the video of the training For Teen Health and Wellness on January 12.

Here is our vendor info- there is e one page PDF to hand out on Teen Health and Wellness in the middle column under Rosen.

Here is the link to Rosen's ebook collection that we have.- The Rosen ebook series—available to everyone in the region--offer an array of embedded features that provide additional context and substance. These features include biographies, primary sources, videos, activities and quizzes, vocabulary, maps, and an interactive timeline. In order to minimize distractibility, these features open as pop-ups so students get extra information without having to jump to another page or screen.

Rosen boosts accessibility with a read-aloud feature that is available for every text item and transcripts for every video. Alongside these student-focused features, the site also offers tools for teachers in the form of lesson plans, guiding questions, project-based learning activities, and graphic organizers for every title, all aligned to the Next Generation Learning Standards.

These “Always Available” ebooks can be found on the Rosen site with all the enhancements embedded. A number of them are also available in our Sora ebook library, but without the extra features.

Our current Rosen ebooks include:

  • CyberSmarts
  • Spotlight on NY
  • Teen CyberSmarts

All of these resources are available to all districts- please let em know if you need help accessing them.

Asynch learning with BOCES

The Professional Development Unit is offering some self-paced, asynchronous workshops that might be of interest to you: The 5 Components of Literacy, and The Principles of Learning for Online Instruction Series. These are being offered totally online and can be done at the convenience of your staff.

Please see the below flyers for a description of the sessions and registration information, and share with your staff as you see fit.

Proquest January Update

Resources for Black History Month: Check Out the Black Freedom Website

Now more than ever, teachers and students need access to insights and information from a wide variety of perspectives to better understand the role of the past in the present, and to prepare for challenges of tomorrow.

ProQuest invites you to explore the freely available Black Freedom Struggle website, featuring expertly selected open primary source documents. Visitors will find historical newspaper articles, pamphlets, diaries, correspondence and more from specific time periods in U.S. history marked by the opposition African Americans have faced on the road to freedom.

These reliable, easily discoverable materials may be used for homework assignments, personal inquiry, research papers and National History Day type-projects focused on African American history in the U.S.

Educators may use this material to teach a specific topic or person, such as Frederick Douglass or the Abolitionist Movement, to introduce students to using primary sources and to help novice researchers develop essential critical thinking and information literary skills.

Need help marketing to teachers? Use these web buttons. Want to see a homework example? Check out Walter White’s essay on the Tulsa Massacre. Need an idea for a lesson plan? Read an assignment about Abraham Lincoln’s inaugural address.

Go to Black Freedom Struggle Website ➤

New Theatre Video Resource for Schools

Theatre Performance Video Collection is a new collection that allows students to experience world-class theatrical video performances of plays and literary works virtually courtesy of the U.K.’s National Theatre, Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) and British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). This essential theatre video collection features the most-studied plays and literary works to spark engaging discussions and projects for students. It is a must-have for schools with theatre, drama, performing arts and literature classes.

Learn More ➤

Noodletools Now Available in ProQuest Products

Export to NoodleTools is now available for products on the ProQuest Platform at, as well as products on, including eLibrary, SIRS Discoverer and SIRS Issues Researcher. This citation export helps ProQuest products integrate into student workflows, supporting their success.

Read More ➤

New Year, New Content: Streaming Videos for Classrooms

Highlights for January from Academic Video Online include:


  • Animal Impossible - Incredible facts and myths about the animal kingdom are put to the test. (BBC, series)
  • Can We Cool the Planet? - As global temperatures continue to rise, scientists wonder if we need solutions beyond reducing emissions. (PBS)
American History
  • John Lewis: Good Trouble - The story of legendary U.S. Representative John Lewis’ life, legacy and more than 60 years of extraordinary activism. (FILM PLATFORM)
Art English & History
  • A to Z: How Writing Changed the World - Where would we be without the world’s alphabets? Writing has played a vital role in the expansion and domination of cultures throughout history. But researchers are only now uncovering the origin story to our own alphabet. (PBS)
  • A to Z: The First Alphabet - Just as writing changed the course of human history, the evolution of paper and printing revolutionized the spread of information. The printing press kicked off the Industrial Revolution that fast-tracked us to the current digital age. But as the millennia-old tradition of penmanship falls out of favor, should we consider what might be lost in this pursuit of ever more efficient communication? (PBS)
Want access to 70,000+ streaming videos for your school? Support remote and hybrid teaching and learning in 2021 with Academic Video Online.

How is Sora being used in my school?

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Erin's Law (Sexual/Child Absue) curated resources at Overdrive

Shelia at OverDrive put together a list- here is her list: Erin’s Law (Sexual/Child Abuse) J/YA – Fiction/NF.

The link should take you to a listing in Marketplace.

Newsbank Usage to date

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Newsbank added Diversity, Equity and Inclusion as well as SEL to Access World News

Access World News from Newsbank has added two new search headings to their landing page:

  1. Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  2. Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)

All schools in our BOCES have access to this product. If you need help getting access to it, please let me know. These contains newspaper stories from both the US and around the world. Below are screen shots for what is included in each section. Please share as appropriate. If you would like training for you or a department please let me know!

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New York Heritage with our own Claire Lovell!

New York Heritage Bits & Bytes: Claire Lovell, Manlius Historical Society

This series of brief webinars will illuminate the behind-the-scenes work that is done to make digital collections available on the New York Heritage Digital Collections website. Interviews with the professional staff reveal stories from the archives, how materials were chosen as digital projects, and the impact the collections have in interpreting the past.

Our first guest will be Claire Lovell, representing Manlius Historical Society. Claire will describe how she helped to build a relationship between the historical society and the Manlius Library, used the digitized images to make a virtual tour of Manlius, sparked a whirlwind of detailed responses on Facebook, and discovered a tale of murder in Manlius.

January 20, 2021 at 12 PM, via Zoom

Register here:

NYLA Call for Proposals

NYLA Annual Conference 2021
Call For Proposals

Deadline: January 31st

Already have an idea for a program proposal? We’re ready for it!

The NYLA 2021 Conference Program Proposal Form is open now through January 31, 2021.

The NYLA 2021 Annual Conference will take place November 3-6, 2021, in Syracuse, NY.

The theme for the 2021 Conference is “Libraries: We’re ALL In”

Submit Your Proposal!

ALA Grant

The American Library Association invites library workers to apply for the inaugural Peggy Barber Tribute Grant, a programming grant named after the transformative ALA leader responsible for the creation of National Library Week and the Celebrity READ series.

The Peggy Barber Tribute Grant supports meaningful programs in libraries with limited programming budgets. Up to three grants of $2,500 will be awarded annually. Applications for the 2021 award will be accepted from December 1, 2020, to February 5, 2021. Read the grant guidelines and apply online.

The Peggy Barber Tribute Grant will support a different type of library programming each year. This year, libraries are invited to submit applications in support of humanities-based programming. The funding may be used to continue an existing program or create a new one.

All library types — including public, academic, K-12, tribal and special libraries — in the U.S. or U.S. territories are eligible. Applicants must have a personal or institutional membership with either the American Library Association OR the Association for Rural & Small Libraries.

Barber served as ALA's associate executive director of communications from 1970 to 2000. In that role, she established ALA’s Public Information Office, Public Programs Office and the ALA Graphics department. After leaving ALA, she was a principal consultant with Library Communication Strategies and served as co-president of Friends of Libraries USA, now known as United for Libraries. She passed away in August 2019.

The Peggy Barber Tribute Grant was created with donations from Barber’s friends and colleagues. To support the grant, make a contribution to the Peggy Barber tribute fund within ALA’s Cultural Communities Fund.


Hannah Arata (she/her/hers)

Communications Associate, Public Programs Office


225 N Michigan Ave | Suite 1300

Chicago, IL 60601

FREE News Media Litearcy Masters Class 2/2 10 am

The New York Newspapers Foundation would like to invite you to a free master class on news media literacy on

Tuesday, February 2, 2021 at 10:00am.

For more information or to register for this informational session, contact Margaret McDermott at or call 518-449-1667 x 703

News Media Literacy Master Class

Never before has the need for education on News Media Literacy been more urgent. As citizens of all ages and backgrounds are bombarded with a constant stream of misleading information, propaganda, hoaxes and rumors — that often masquerade as credible journalism — it is becoming more and more difficult to distinguish fact from fiction. Purveyors of misinformation have helped give rise to troubling cultural trends and an erosion of trust in factual information.

Interactive in-person and virtual workshops are presented by Education Services Director Mary Hadigan Miller, who has more than 17 years of experience working with educators and Newspaper in Education professionals throughout New York State. A copy of her CV is available upon request.

Learn more about:

•Develop critical thinking skills regarding reporting of current events

•Become educated consumers of media to avoid being manipulated

•Understand what makes a source credible

•Create awareness of biases in media consumption

•Identify media creators’ opinions and perceptions

•Understand how media messages influence others

Learn more about:

•The power of information

•What makes journalism different from other types of information?

•Where can trustworthy, factual information be found?

•How to tell what’s accurate

•How to apply news literacy concepts in real life

•Meeting the challenges of digital citizenship

Learn more about these key News Media Literacy questions:

•Who created this?

•Why did they create it?

•Whom is the message for?

• What techniques are being used to make this message credible or believable?

•What details were left out and why?

•How did this message make you feel?

Who are we serving:

Our programming and resources are designed to enhance news media literacy skills for all ages and are designed to foster critical thinking about the accuracy of information about current events as presented across all media platforms. We believe communities are strengthened when citizens have the tools to evaluate the trustworthiness of news they encounter in their daily lives. We work with public and private schools, colleges, and libraries.

The organization’s mission/vision:

The New York Newspapers Foundation’s News Media Literacy Program provides educational workshops and resources to students, educators and the general public, focusing on navigating the 24/7 world of digital media. NYNF’s News Media Literacy program provides real life strategies to engage students in critical thinking about today’s media as well as helping to develop core proficiency skills in news media literacy, digital footprint and digital citizenship. Many states across the country have enacted legislation providing civic education in schools, of which news literacy is a key component. We live in critical times that require a new approach to giving students an essential skill set as it relates to media consumption and exposure. What is true? How can I be a media savvy consumer? How do I fact check? What are clickbait headlines? What is fake news? All of this and more is addressed by NYNF’s educational programming, through workshops, presentations, turn-key lesson plans, resources and distance learning. We have been at the forefront of developing and adapting our curricula for nearly 20 years, and our materials have been purchased for use by organizations throughout the United States. Our work is strictly non-partisan and is neutral with respect to the types of media consumers' access.

Please contact me with any questions.



Margaret McDermott

Development Director

New York News Publishers Association

New York Newspapers Association

252 Hudson Avenue

Albany, New York 12210

518-449-1667 ext. 703