Land and Climate

The bahamas has over 700 islands across 100,000 square miles. There are 2500 cays. Most islands are flat with rocky banks. The normal tempure ranges from 77 to 88 degress. The summer mouths is a rainy season. History and Government

Columbus sailedto these islands in 1492. The lucayans were the first spanish victims. It is a indepentend country. 16 seat senate. Economy

Tourism is the engine of the economy. Tourism is strong in family islands. Items are cheaper than U.S. Fishing is important.


Day1: travel there Day2:meals 60.00

meals cost 60.00 activites: spa at 2:00pm shop till then. Day7:meals 60.00

Day3:meals:60.00 Day4: meals:60.00 travel home

Diving at 9:00am to 6:00pm fishing at 8:00am to 7:00pm

Day5:meals 60.00 Day6: meals60.00 Travel costs 1,046.02

Boating at 12.00pm to 5:00pm Aquadventure all day lodging 3215.40

Total costs:6181.42

shopping costs:318.58


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