by London Phipps

The Taiga is the largest biome in the world. The taiga is 50 degrees away from the Arctic Circle. The taiga is also found near the top of New Hemisphere. The taiga covers North America, Asia, Europe.

The taigas animals are wolverines they eat small mammals. They also have birds like the hawk owl they eat small mammals too. There is a strange animal called the lynx it eats small and medium mammals and ground dwelling birds. These animals do not migrate nether do the birds. They have all adapted to the cold. The animals adapt to the taiga by shedding fur for summer into fur for winter they also gather food for winter. Then some of the animals hibernate for winter but some still stay out in winter.

There are a lot of ever green trees that grow in the taiga. There are other trees that grow in the taiga like the spruce, hemlock and the fir. There are some trees that grow very rarely in the taiga like the birch, polar and the aspen. That is what grows in the taiga. The taiga also has a forest called the boreal forest. The plants survive the cold by letting there branches fall to shed snow but they still keep their leaves but not there branches. That is how plants in the taiga survive.

The climate is so cold in the taiga that they only get 50 to100 frost free days. The summers are so warm like in the USA but the summers are so short and not a lot of plants grow in the summer because they don’t have time to grow. In winter the temperature is - 65 degrees and in summer it is 20 degrees.

Taiga Temperatures

Low High

Winter -65 F (-54 C) 30 F (-1 C)

Summer 20 F (-7 C) 70 F (21 C)