Class Meetings: 4/15 - 4/18

Growth Mindset & Compassion

Monday the 15th: All Grade Levels

Do your morning greeting with your class.


How are compassion and growth mindset connected?

When I show compassion to others, am I showing them that I believe in growth mindset?

Tuesday the 16th: All Grade Levels

Watch the video clip below with your students.

Why do they call the video Kindness Boomerang?

How does our compassion for someone else help others to continue the boomerang?

Do we always know the effects of our kindness?

Wednesday the 17th: All Grade Levels

Look at the billboard below with your students. Read the excerpt from the link to them.

Sometimes we think of growth mindset as moving towards a win. How did the compassion that these girls showed their opponent show that they had true growth mindset?

How did they advance their sport?

Thursday the 18th: All Grade Levels

Team Building: Take some time to team build with your students. :)

Look at the picture to the right to see some team building ideas for this week.

Ana Travis

School Counselor

Sonntag Elementary