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February 29, 2016

Greetings to the Britt Elementary School Community!

Student learning at Britt is being assessed this week using DA’s (District Assessments). Thank you teachers, administrators, and technology support for your good work! Teachers, you will soon have data from these assessments to plan instruction for re-teaching an/or enriching AKS/state standards. The countdown is on for upcoming Georgia Milestones Assessments with only 28 days of instruction left prior to the first day of testing. It is imperative that effective, targeted, engaging, rigorous, and challenging instruction take place on each of these 28 days, maximizing each instructional moment.

Assistant Superintendent Joe Ahrens and I visited classrooms last week, and I was extremely proud of the level of engagement that we observed during our unannounced visits. Midge Miller’s students were presenting their geometry projects and clearly understood the geometry they presented. (You may want to stop by their classrooms and take some time examining these fine projects posted outside in the hallway.) Kelli Henderson’s students were able to talk through their multi-step problem solving with confidence. Gentry David’s students were using cubes to solve problems and answer their teacher’s questions. Angela Lacroix challenged her fourth grade students to identify similarities and differences of a play they had finished reading using a Venn diagram. Keep up the good work engaging all students in effective and challenging learning.

Let me know how I can best support your good work at Britt Elementary School as we all strive together using effective, innovative practices to transform and personalize teaching and learning.

With warmest regards,


Britt Elementary School, going strong in 2016!

Thank you!

  • Britt PTA sponsored Super Hero Dance was a super event! Thank you to Gentry David, Jessice Gresham, Melissa Madsen, and Deborah Stringfellow for attending and supporting PTA. Thank you to Dee Baum and Ann Hamner for the delicious food served.

  • Note: Tuesday morning's faculty meeting will begin at 8:00 AM instead of 7:30 AM. I hope this will allow you time to vote early if you prefer that to voting after school.
  • The first five folks to email Dianne will receive jeans coupons. Enjoy a wonderful day!