The Eagle Eye

July 25th, 1954

Greenwich Village, New York.

This evening, L.B Jefferies , a well known photographer, helped in the capture of a murderer. Mr. Thorwald, who was married to his late wife, murdered and threw her body in the east river. Earlier this week, Jefferies noticed a heated argument between the couple and later on that evening a blood curling scream and a glass bottle breaking alerted the neighborhood of something going on. Jefferies also noted Thorwald leaving multiple times throughout the night with a suitcase. Jefferies curious with the well-being of Mrs. Thorwald kept his eye on Mr. Thorwald and noticed strange things happening. Thorwald was seen cleaning and putting away a machete and a hacksaw. He also noted the neighbors dog sniffing around the flower garden, kept by thorwald, which seemed different. Jefferies had a picture of the yard before the murder and noticed the difference in the flowers. Later on that same evening, the dog was found with his neck snapped near the garden. To continue finding evidence, Jefferies with the assistance of Ms. Lisa Fremont and Ms. Stella, they coaxed the murderer out of the apartment, where Ms. Fremont found Mrs. Thorwald's wedding ring (which should have been with her since thorwald claimed her being with family). Currently, the NYPD is continuing the investigation and we'll have the full story once the full investigation is over.

Feminism: 1950's vs 2015

Feminism in the 1950's was way different than it was today. During the time period there was a baby boom and "suburbia." Many women who had worked during WWII were sent home and they fell back in to the stereotype. They were married off, had kids, stayed home and were a housewife. Many woman resorted to shopping as an outlet to being trapped which is why the stereotype of the woman began forming. Another major event that was going to start during the 50's was the civil rights movement and many oppressed groups were joining together to bring equality. One of those groups were the feminist and their role during the 50's was more focused on getting the equality between groups then on getting equality with men vs. women.