Learning Coach Corner

Volume I Issue 9

Great Things Happening in our Classrooms at South Middle School!

Ms. Walker integrates problem solving, critical thinking and reflection in her classes using the "Yacht" activity. Students construct yachts with mats and scooters to make it move and fit all participants on the yacht in such a position that all are able to participate in the propulsion of the yacht. Students are encouraged to problem solve and critical think along the way to make their vehicle the most effective possible.

Yacht Activity

Assessment and Learning: Traffic Light Dots

Traffic Light Dots is a formative assessment; however, it requires students to reflect on their work. Students self assess their work by using red, yellow and green dots. Once the student has self assessed, he/she can get peer feedback and/or teacher feedback.

Strategies, Strategies, Strategies

Students become more engaged when they offer constructive feedback on one another's work. Students learn to give constructive feedback and they learn to accept constructive feedback from their peers while learning to agree or disagree respectfully.

"I notice and I wonder" (video 3:01) is a student to student feedback activity.


Students who have growth mindset are engaged in school, like school and do better in school. Growth mindset is related to brain activity and achievement.

The Evidence: How growth mindset leads to higher achievement video 3:44

Tech Bytes!

Google Hangouts:
Google™ Hangouts is a messaging app that lets you start free video and voice calls - one-to-one or with a larger group. You can send and receive messages, photos and even share files with others in your hangout. You can even use Hangouts on your mobile device. Learn all about it on Atomic Learning! This works well for teacher collaboration and possibly student collaboration.