Volcano Theme Park

By: Max Gevorkian

New Cinder Cone Ride

Only at Max's New Volcano Theme Park will blow you away! Not only will you have the time of your life you will also learn about the different types of volcanoes. Not to mention the brilliant satisfactory rating of 99%. In this new and improved Ride you will first go up to the tip of the volcano. When you look down you will see the bright and hot lava coming up. All of a sudden, you go down the drop and while looking back you will see how the lava sprays and shoots the lava in the air. As the volcano comes to an end you'll see how the ash and cinder rested on the top of the volcano due to the extreme and very deadly explosion. You will also, see how the volcano quickly cools and rapidly {compared to other volcanoes} hardens and becomes a rock. Also don't forget it's just 20$ per person because it's not just fun, but also educational. It will be the time of your life and you will treasure this forever. This is a educational ride much better then listening to your science teacher all day long.

Composite Volcano

Composite Volcano Ride

The new Composite Volcano will wipe your socks away! You will see just how fun it is! First you start right underneath the volcano! As you go down 150 MPH you won't even have time to see,wonder, or even think about what had just happened. You are going on a bumpy ride with a lot of loops. Then you realize! Lava! You will see how the vicious magma shoots out and partly oozes from the volcano. Beneath you can see the vent of the volcano getting clogged up with Magma. The pressure is building due to the volcano being clogged up and BAM! You are off. But, that's not all! You then go to another Volcano! You will clearly see the structure and pressure inside it. You will also see the fluid lava quickly coming at you at incredible speed! Now only at 15$ You will see the lava reservoirs building up in the deadly and most dangerous volcano of them all! So, come and down and get the time of your life!

Shield Volcano Hotel

The word is out! There is a new shield volcano hotel only at Max's Theme park. We serve very hot food with lava. Don't be scared the lava is just marinara sauce. We have amazing service with an fantastic spa. The spa will ooze out with amazing power and you won't even believe. This is the best place for a cold day! You will also see our lava pool. You will see the magma flowing and oozing in all directions. You will see the magma chamber coming up and up until... Yes it oozes out. No to mention the ziplining over the shield volcano.