Northeast region

By: Kannon and Brayden


The climate in the northeast is hash cold winters and short warm summers. The weather effects the look of the flowers and trees blooming. The main plants are maple and pine trees plus the northeast includes laurel flowers.

The states that the northeast have are...

  1. New York
  2. Pennsylvania
  3. New Jersey
  4. Maryland
  5. Massachusetts
  6. Connecticut
  7. Vermont
  8. Delaware
  9. Maine
  10. New Hampshire
  11. Rhode Island

The Economic

Say you moved to the northeast the best jobs would be Livestock, Manufacturing, and Mining. The best would be livestock. Livestock is selling animals like cattle, horses, and other farm animals. Manufacturing is working in factor of an personal owned company. Then last but not least mining is working on miming for coal, oil, and natural gas.

Fun Activities

We have mountain climbing, Ice fishing, Ice skating, Hiking, and Pro sports. While you are Hiking and Mountain climbing you may see our famous landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty, Appalachian Mt, Mt. Washington, and The White Mt.

Some other things we thought that were interesting were...

  1. New England is another name for the states farthest north
  2. The Appalachian Mt. stretch 1,500 miles into the northeast
  3. Be careful we have hurricanes
  4. Temperatures change the glory of the natural colors
  5. The Algonquin and The Iroquois were the two main Indian tribes
  6. A lot of the states start with New

When you get there the people are...

There are Democrat and Republican parties in the northeast plus most of the people believe in Catholic or Methodist religion.