Taxes Done Easy

Tax Tutorial

Recieving your 1040-EZ

First to start off with you need the right documents. In this case the government will send you this form in the mail. Now that you have received this letter in the mail for you, you need to know that you have to get this done by April 18.

How to start your 1040-EZ

Starting your tax forms is not a difficult task. First you'll have to know what numbers to write down.

Lets start off with the back of your tax form (page 2). You have to know how much how much you make a year including compensation and tips. When you figure out the number you have to write down you'll have to add 350 dollars to this. Once you get your number with the 350$ added, you'll notice there are a set of letter A-E and these letters are here for you to organize the larger and smaller of the numbers.

Once you get your number you'll have to add the larger to line "C". Once you added your larger you'll gave to put in the amount of deduction your allowed if you're singe or married. Once you have found your number you will have to enter the smaller between the last two lines onto line "E". The next line "F" you'll have to get your next number only if you are married or filling jointly. If you are single you put no number down. After you have put your last number down you'll have to add the last two number again.