The Royal Flying Doctor Service

We Fly and Provide Medical Help to People in the Outback

How Does this Charity Help?

The Royal Flying Doctor Service travels all around Australia and provides medical services to the people in outback Australia. They transfer paitients to hospitals and they are taken care at the hospital.

How Can People Help this Charity?

You can help this charity by giving donations. Donating gifts and bequests are just some of the ways to help this charity. You can also help this charity by fundraising. You can fundraise for medical first aid.

What is their Latest Project?

Their latest project is providing excellence inareo-medical and primary health care across Australia.

Interesting Facts

1. The Royal Flying Doctor has turned 85.2. In 1896 the first air craft was built for the Royal Flying Doctor.3. In May 1928 Dr St Vincent Welch made the first offical Flying Doctor visit.4. The Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia is a not-for-profit charitable organisation.