El Salvador

By: Kaylea King

Geographic Information

  • The population as of July 2015 is 6,141,350
  • The capital is San Salvador
  • El Salvador is 8,124 sq. mi., it is closest in size to the state Connecticut which is 5,545 sq. mi.
  • Below is a picture of the country's flag
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Life in El Salvador

  • The most popular dish is pupusa, a tortilla stuffed with cheese.
  • The people in El Salvador don't discriminate against race and housing is cheap.
  • There is provided free education to the 9th grade, and the classes are pretty much the same as the US.
  • Most entertainment is the same as ours and they are avid sports fans
  • Soccer is the national sport, but they are open to many different sports
  • Some music hey have is Salavadoran hip-hop, rock, and native Mesoamerican Indigenous music.
  • El Salvador is 90% Catholic
  • Their main export is coffee, sugar, shrimp, textiles, and chemicals
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El Salvador Facts

  • The currency of El Salvador is the US Dollar, shown above.
  • They have tropical weather, little seasonal change, but pronounced wet and dry seasons.
  • Some animals in El Salvador are the ocelot and the long-tailed weasel.
  • There is mainly tropical rainforest vegetation in El Salvador
  • Most people work on farms, fields, and construction
  • El Salvador is the most densely populated country in Central America.
  • They also have frequent earthquakes and volcanoes.
  • The main city is San Salvador which is also the home of a volcano.
  • If I were to visit El Salvador I would want to see the Cathedral of Santa Ana pictured below.
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Famous People from El Salvador

  • Rolando Molina, an actor from Bruce Almighty
  • Sarah Hadland, voice actor and actor from The Job Lot
  • Ivan Bustillo, a YouTuber