by : Shelbi L. Taylor C. Sofia M. and Ryan R.

GDP per capita / Literacy Rate /Life Expectancy for CUBA, VENEZUELA, AND CANADA

by: Shelbi L.

How does a product move through the factors of production?

Steve jobs made Apple products. Apple stores and Malls all around the world sell Apple products. The manufacturer is foxconn and pegatron. China, Korea, Texas, and Kentucky all sell apple products. Apple products contain of gorilla glass, circuit boards, A6 chip, transistors, wires, connectors, software and more. Natural recourses found in Apple products are Glass, Plastic, and Stainless steel.

by: Taylor C.

examples of Apple products

how does scarcity effect free enterprise and socialism and communism?

The countries that I choose were Cuba, Venezuela, and Canada. All of the countries are the same except for the GDP per capita. Cuba's GDP per capita isn't available, Venezuelas's is 11,039, and Canada's GDP per capita is 51,594. The literacy rates in the three countries are high and so is the life expectancy. If scarcity effected the countries the first thing that would happen is that they would run out of money. If the income goes down then the literacy will go down because they can't pay the teachers to teach the kids. If literacy goes down then life expectancy goes down because they can't get a job to pay for food or construction workers, and thats how scarcity effects a country.

by: Sofia M.

How do industries affect industrialization in Cuba, the united states, and Afghanistan?

U.S.A: Outback steakhouse has an affect on industrialization is that, all the customer they have make the busines have a high developed industries. Afghanistan: Afgan restraint has an affect an industrialization is that, sense the restranut is a commercial enterprise, it makes it high developed industries. CUBA: restraint La Casa has an affect on industrialization is that, it is a general business that is a commercial enterprise with a high industries.

By: Ryan R.