The Political Side.

The American Revolution

Rev/o/lu/tion; an impact or change over time. The American Revolution is particularly my favorite one. It shows that from the beginning Americans have stood up for what they believe is right. The face of our nation at that time George Washington, was one of many who stood up to the British who at the time ruled the thirteen colonies. By standing up I mean breaking free from their beliefs, taxes, and ways of life. The modern day Americans made a revolution a change in the way things were seen and or done.

The Hunger Games

Although the hunger games is fictional, it is a revolution. Within the communities when the hunger game occurred there was usually only one winner. But the last one that the novels were based off of there were two. This sparked a revolution, because no one had ever beat the system before and went against the rules. That is why even though the hunger games are fictional, it is a revolution.

The French Revolution

The French Revolution similar to the American is a chance to break for freedom. France trying to break European rule may have caused war and conflict, the point was made and they from then on they continue to be there own country. That is what made them have a revolution.