Team 105 Friday Fill-In



Third Graders will be taking the M-STEP on Tuesday 5/3, Thursday 5/5 and Tuesday 5/10. If you would like to donate some healthy snacks to our classroom while students are taking the test, you can sign up at the link below. We need just a few more volunteers! Thank you!

Celebration of Learning Day!

Please join us next Friday, May 6th, for our all-school ASL project : our Celebration of Learning, Family Style! During this day, you will have the opportunity to view a presentation by your child, to eat lunch - and even play - as a family! It is our goal that at least 1 person from each family attend. As we have reminded the students, "family" can include anyone that is special to your child; we are very hopeful that every CE student has someone with them to celebrate that day.

Important Details / Information for the Day:

PLEASE RSVP for this event by visiting:

  • Please bring a blanket to eat picnic style! (we have a backup plan for poor weather, but remain hopeful for a gorgeous day!)
  • We are asking for guests to be here for a presentation of your child's Story of Learning, as well as for our lunch and recess periods.
  • Lunch Options for CE students:
    • Hot lunch choices for the day for students: Little Caesar's Pizza, Italian Sub, or Wolf Salad
    • If your child does not want hot lunch, please pack your child a peanut-free lunch to eat
  • CE is happy to provide Little Caesar's Pizza, pop, and water on that day for our visitors! If you do not want pizza, please pack a peanut-free lunch for yourself and any guests that are coming.
  • The day is going to be SO MUCH FUN! We have a photo booth, GIANT board games and outside activities, and even Kona Ice coming - all for families to enjoy!

As a reminder:

If you have ONLY a lower-elementary (K-2) student(s) at CE... we are asking you to join us from 10:00 am - 12:30 pm.

If you have ONLY an upper-elementary (3-5) student(s) at CE... we are asking you to join us from 11:30 am - 2:00 pm.

If you have BOTH a lower-elementary and upper elementary student(s) (K-5) at CE ... we are asking you to join us from 10:00 am - 2:00 pm.

If you have any questions, please contact Kelly Fuller at

Thanks, and hope you can make it!

CE Staff and Students

A glance into our week...

Readers's Workshop

The Book Clubs are off and running! Readers are engaging in exciting conversation about the new characters they are meeting in their books.

So far, Readers have: (bolded concepts were new this week!)

*Previewed, predicted and tapped into prior knowledge to get familiar with the text before reading

*Identified the main character and his/her character traits

*Noticed patterns in the characters behaviors

*Created a "movie" in their head while reading. The students then drew what they think the character looks like and shared the drawings with their book club!

*Noticing relationships between characters

*Making self-to-text connections, text-to-text connections, and text to world connections

*Making inferences within the story


This weekend, in your child's Story of Learning Binder, you will notice that Mathematicians are starting to explore area and perimeter. This week we just touched on the basics of what area is and what perimeter is and where we see it in our world. We have also continued to review past concepts in order to prepare for the M-STEP.


This week students have been experiencing writing outside of Writer's Workshop. We will begin the Opinion Unit after the first week of M-STEP. This week, writers have been practicing responding to reading passages and also writing the directions for their ASL board games! (HUGE thank you to Ms. Sutcliffe, Mrs. Arms., Mrs. Collins and the Fullers for helping out!)


Our sound and light energy unit is coming to a close. To celebrate all that we have learned, students are being asked to create their own unique instrument at home using materials around the house! The rubric should come home today in your son/daughter's folder.

Leadership Day

On Thursday afternoon, the CHS Leadership Team students came to C.E. to teach 3rd graders about teamwork and leadership. Check out the pictures below to see what fun the kids had!

ASL presentation at School Meeting

A handful of our Team 105 team members presented about our ASL project at school meeting on Wednesday.
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