Wildcat Press Newsletter

Volume 3, Issue 4, August 7, 2022


Principal's Message

Hello Wildcats,

Weird Weather week here in Gilbert. As a campus and community we continue to get better and things get smoother everyday. The roots of this year are starting to form. Roots are such an important part of the plant, even if you don't see them. They are part of the entire system that allows the plant to thrive. They grow in many directions, both down looking for water and fertilizer, as well as out for stability in the inclement weather. The roots of a students education fall within the routines we establish for them and the growth they achieve through reaching in all directions. It doesn't always show above the surface. We this year are focusing on several things, including attendance, tardies and safety. In the classroom we are focusing on the sustained reading of complex text and problem solving. Both of which are areas our data has told us we can improve and will help our students excel in the classroom on standardized testing and into the world of work. Our teachers have been working hard to develop lessons that will improve in these area's on our early release Wednesdays.

Our students have done a very good job thus far with wearing their badges, we are still having to do a few reminders to wear them all the time and around their neck. We also have a few who seem to "forget" them each day. Students who continue to have to be reminded or continually forget will begin to receive consequences next week. Please understand that we are asking for this so that everyone can see if someone is supposed to be on campus, and also so we can identify students at all times.

Please come join us on Thursday from 6-7:40 to meet the teachers and find out how you can partner with them to make your students year the best. Pictures are Tuesday for everyone.

I am going to cut back to every other week on the Wildcat Press, so we will chat again in two weeks.

Be PAWsitive and speak to your student daily about what is happening in their lives and at school.

Rod Huston



MHS Administrative Team!


Kibbles N Bits

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Students if you are not ordering food, please do not wait in line during lunch. Wait out at the tables, in the Den, the B and G cafe's or wherever your group meets to chat while you eat and socialize. This will move the lines even faster.

Parking: Starting this week we will be placing stickers on cars that do not have a parking pass. Students if you are driving and do not have a pass please go to the bookstore and pick one up for $60.

Mesquite High is a closed campus this means students may not leave for lunch. For safety reasons this also means students may not go to their cars and return to campus during the school day. Please bring all necessary items with you to class when you arrive.

New District ID Badge Requirements

Student ID Badges 7-12 Grade

For the 2022/23 school year students in grades 7-12 will be expected to wear their student ID badges at all times. Students will be provided with their badge and lanyard during the first weeks of school.

Key Information:

  • Please work with your students to ensure they bring their ID badge with them to school every day.

  • When students arrive at school they will enter through a secured door or gate and will be required to have their ID badge for entrance.

  • Bus riders will use the barcode on their ID badge for getting on and off the bus. As a parent you will be able to view the whereabouts of the bus using the Here Comes the Bus app, more details below.

  • Students will continue to use the barcode on their ID badges to access nutrition services (cafeteria), library, and bookstore.

  • If a student forgets their badge they will be issued a temporary sticker badge for a small $1 cost.

  • Cost for replacement badges (lost ID’s) will remain at $5.00.


As I indicated in last week's Wildcat Press, Mesquite High School will begin a first hour sweep policy on Monday August 1, 2022. This means any student who is tardy, excused or unexcused, will be sent to sweep for the remainder of first period. These students will be marked as “Sweep” in Infinite Campus, this will not count against their daily attendance. However, these students will be expected to go find their first period teacher during the day and get any missed work and complete it by the beginning of class the following day. Students who report that they have a test will be released with a test pass to class.

We are choosing to implement this program as we have seen that, in particular, the first hour is a problem with students arriving late. This is a disruption to the class and affects everyone's learning. Students who end up in sweep chronically will also be assigned additional consequences by their administrator.

Sweep will be a room on campus where students will go and sit silently for the remainder of the hour. They will not be allowed to have drinks, food, phones, computers or classwork. As they arrive late they will be told to dump any food or drink they are carrying in the garbage (this includes Dutch Bros., Starbucks, McDonalds or any other). If they want to have these items they need to leave home with plenty of time to pick them up and drink them before class.

Teachers will send students who have not arrived in class before the final bell rings to sweep as well. Meaning students need to finish their conversations and greetings with friends and move with enough time to get to their appointed room on time.

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MHS Open House

Come one, come all to the Mesquite High School Open House!

Parents, this is a fantastic opportunity for you to get to see the school, meet your child’s teachers, and get a feel for “A day in the life of a Mesquite Wildcat”!

You will follow your child’s schedule, meet the teachers, hear about their classroom expectations, experience first hand how many steps your child takes to get from class to class, and learn about all the extra curricular opportunities that Mesquite offers. Like all Mesquite events, this night promises to be welcoming, engaging and packed with information!

Where - Mesquite High School

When - Thursday, August 11th

Time - 6:00pm-7:45pm

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Picture Day!

MHS Picture Day is August 9th! Underclass families once pictures are taken you will be able to see the photo and decide if you want to order. Seniors see below if you want to get a senior session scheduled. If you are not getting a session please wear nice clothes for your senior year book photo on the 9th.
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Don't Text and Drive Scholarship

The purpose of this scholarship is to help you understand the risks of texting while driving.

Who may apply: You must be a high school freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior. There is no age limit. You must also be a U.S. citizen or legal resident.

Award Details

Up to $1,000

Deadline Details

Fri, Sep 30th 2022

Link to Apply:



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If you play sports at Mesquite, here's what is REQUIRED prior to trying out:

*Register My Athlete account

*Current physical on the 2022-23 paperwork

*ALL athletes must take the Brainbook and Opioid courses once in their high school career. If you are a freshman or new to sports, you must have those completed prior to tryouts.

More information can be found at: https://sites.google.com/gilbertschools.net/mhsathletics/parentathlete-resources


Being part of our student section at Mesquite is a fun way to get involved, meet new friends, and support our athletes. General admission for our sporting events is $5 per game but for $40, they can buy the All Sports Pass that is good for every home game ALL YEAR LONG!! This pass is exclusive for MHS students.

Passes can be purchased at www.gofan.co

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GPS Tip Line

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