IR for sale!!

Asking Price: $24.99

What does Ir look like?

Ir is a very beautiful, charming prefix. It's the prettiest prefix on the market! Not fat. Not tall. Not hyper. Not calm. Not short. Not ugly. Not boring. Not arrogant. Not hairy. Not brunette. Not ginger. Get the message? It's not anything!

For sale now for $24.99.

What can Ir do?

Ir can do the opposite of everything. It can show you what's not and what's non. It can tell your landlord to not come! It can tell your kids not to have an attitude! Also, it can tell your car to not run out of gas.

Ir is guaranteed to be worth the cost!

Ir saved the day

March 13, 2013 was the day rent was due. Scott was very stressed and didn't have the money. This was the 3rd time he said he would pay the rent. He heard the landlord at the door and quickly searched through his box to find Ir. "Ir, please tell the landlord not to come until next friday!" Everything was frozen, and his wish was granted. Ever since that day, Ir has been a big help for Scott.


Ir is WAY better than most prefixes. Buying her would make your life x3000 better! Prefixes like fic and fin are SO 2007. Get with the program and get Ir!

Who would want to buy Ir?

I suggest adults buy Ir knowing that they can use her for not paying bills. Although, kids can use this too for getting out if doing chores. No matter who you are BUY IR CAUSE IM DESPERATE.