FERMI Project

Blair Kingsley + Sophie Stancil

How much gasoline does a typical automobile use during its lifetime?

For this project, we chose to base our numbers off the average milage and life span of a 2014 Ford Fusion. According to car dealership sites, this model gets up to 200k miles in its lifetime, and runs 25mpg in the city, and 36mpg on the highway. The sites also told us a 2014 Ford Fusion can drive between 350-400 miles on a full tank.


We predict that this specific model will use 8,000 gallons of gas within its lifetime.


  1. Since the car can run up to 200k miles in its life, with 25mpg in the city, and 36mpg on the highway, we found the average total gas usage by dividing 200,000mi by both 25mpg and 36mpg, to give us a total of 8,000 CITY miles, and 5,555 HIGHWAY miles.
  2. These numbers come from the assumption that the car ONLY drives in the city, or ONLY drives on the highway. To find the number of the driver driving an equal amount in both the city and on the highway, we needed to add 8,000+5,555 miles– 13,555 total miles– and divide that total by two, giving us an average of 6,778 miles.