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Fall Update - August 12, 2020

Leadership Corner

August 12, 2020

Hello from Nighthawk Nation,

It is with great excitement that we start the 2020-21 school year. While we acknowledge that this will not be the kickoff to the school year that we all imagined, we are busy in preparation to ensure our students receive the quality education they deserve and to make the connections they have been missing. Working together, we can do this!

I want to stress that our number one priority during this time, and throughout the school year, is student and staff safety. Currently, the Thompson School District is set to bring students back into buildings on October 19, 2020. NVCS is currently working in coordination with the Larimer County Health Department to ensure a safe return for our students.

As we start the school year, our families have two choices in how they would like their children to receive their education.

Remote Learning- Currently, 700 NVCS students have chosen this option. Students will start the school year with online instruction provided by their NVCS classroom teachers. The NVCS Core Knowledge Curriculum will be followed by our students and staff. These students will return to face to face instruction of some type when we feel comfortable we can provide a safe learning environment for all. Currently, the district is planning an October 19 return date.

Virtual Learning- Approximately 172 NVCS students have decided to participate in our Florida Virtual School program. These students have committed to participating in this program for the entire first semester regardless of when other NVCS students may be returning for face to face instruction. This curriculum aligns with the National Common Core Standards and Colorado State Education Standards. A team of NVCS staff members will be supporting these students.

We are committed to maintaining strong connections with our NVCS families. During the week of August 24, we will be meeting individually with all of our students. Students will be able to pick up their learning materials, pick up their Chromebooks, meet their teachers, get their school pictures taken, and parents will have a chance to ask questions. A sign-up genius will be sent to families on Tuesday, August 18 by your student’s homeroom teacher to schedule a 45-60 minute time slot for this meeting.

The deadline for choosing the Virtual Learning Program is Friday, August 14 at 3:00 p.m. If you have currently signed up for this option and would like to switch to the remote learning option, please contact your building administrator prior to the deadline. We will be balancing classroom rosters early next week based upon these numbers. Please continue to reach out to your building administrators if you have questions or concerns.


Tim Bishop, Mary Baker, Marian Hejl, Todd Bissell

New Vision Charter School Leadership Team

Schedule Update:

August 14:

  1. Online registration for Florida Virtual Learning due at 3:00 p.m

    1. Online Florida Virtual Learning Registration

  2. Chromebook reservation due at 3:00 p.m.

    1. Chromebook reservation form

  3. Chromebook Acceptable Use Policy - Must be filled out prior to checking out a Chromebook.

August 18:

Welcome Letter from Teacher that will include:

  1. Introduction - Homeroom Teacher

  2. Google Classroom Account Code

  3. Schedule

  4. Sign Up Genius for in-person “Meet the Teacher” and Assessment

August 24 - August 28

  • In-person “Meet the Teacher” and Assessment at the time you signed up for on the Sign-Up Genius sent in the welcome letter from homeroom teachers.

  • This week will be utilized for materials pick up, Chromebook check-out, assessment, and meet the teacher.

August 31

  • 1st Day of Full Remote Learning and Online Learning

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