GCs aka Global Citizen Students

All about it

Getting to know GCS better.

This is for the induction of new members and orientation of the old members.

So, lets divide it into sub-parts:


2.Working Processes



We all know the full-form of GCs, i.e. Global Citizen Students

Let us start with the idea of GCs.

So, the basic idea is to send students on internships to one of the countries out of our global network and to make the student a global citizen.

The reason behind this is quite simple, that we want to achieve our goal through exchanges.

PS: A lot of you might have a different idea about this and might have read different definitions of GCs but the main point is exchange. ;)

Working Processes

So, what does GCs have in store for us and how do we work in GCs.

  1. Getting a lead: To explain a student or person about the Internship that we provide and once the person or student is willing to go, we tell him/her to register on the opportunities portal and he/she becomes a lead.
  2. The second step is raising the lead: Once the person is ready to intern abroad, we raise him on the system so that he/she can apply to any of the projects of his/her choice, henceforth he/she becomes an EP.
  3. The thrid step is matching the EP: After raising the person and helping him select the project he wants, we help the EP get matched. I.e. When the EP signs the AN from the LC where the EP is gonna go.
  4. The fourth step is realisation of the EP: When the project and LC are final, we help the EP get the invitation letter and the visa. For this we can take help of our partners ThomasCook India Ltd.

These all the processes that we have in GCs.

Some important definitions:

EP manager(LC): The member of GCs who facilitates the process of going on an exchange for the EP and is solely responsible for the EP raised.

EP maanger(Hosting LC): The member of GCO in the host LC.

The managers here keep in touch with the managers for smooth processes and a beautiful exchange.

EP: Exchange participant, the student who's gonna for an internship.

AN: Acceptance note, the note which the EP signs in order to show his acceptance towards the project, and its rules and regulations.

S&S, The things mentioned in the below picture.

Now that we know what we do and how we do it, we should know how to do it properly and following the standards and satisfactions set by AIESEC International.

So, I know it's a lot to memorize but you just need to remember that you should always have these with you whenever there's an ongoing exchange and you're the curator.

The Home word stands for our LC.

PS: Just go through all of 'em and ask me if you've any queries or doubts.

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