A year in review 2015

What I did in this school year


In august all i did was pretty much sleep but school started that month which stunk but the best part about it was that football was going to start and i love me some football and when school starts i can meet some new kids and some old friends . Before all this,the beginning of the month i went to a big water park called schlitterbaun. August wasn't the best month but it was still a lot of football.


During September we were in the middle of football season.The first game we lost but we came back even better and won are next two games against clarksville and chisum. Then i got to see my mom because it was her birthday and also my birthday was one month away and i was really read. September was an okay month but still not the best


This month had to the best because it was my birthday and i got to buy a hover board with my birthday money and and it was Halloween so i went to trunk or treat and then got to go to visit my mom.But before that I had the best football game in my life,It was against Dekalb and the game was tied 14-14 with two seconds left and i through the game winning touchdown pass to Jacob.Then i got to the state fair. Like I said this was the best month so far.


November was a pretty okay month but a lot of bad things happen like my Uncle Jay died and My mom started struggling with money and my uncle got fired of his jobs.But enough of the bad stuff. The good things that happen was I got to visit my mom and my sister.


A lot of fun things happen in this month like we had a 2 week break from school and i got to see my mom and my brother and sisters came to my dads with me and it was the month we all celebrate the man who never sinned birthday and i got to hangout with my cousins.I got money for Christmas and i had a little from my birthday leftover so i bought some clothes and shoes and bought my dad and mom,sister,and brother something.December had to be the month that i will never forget.