NAGC State Affiliate Facebook Group

Would you like to take part?

NAGC State Affiliate Facebook Group


We received the invite below to take part in closed group on Facebook for NAGC State Affiliate leaders. If you would like to be invited to the group, please send Jason ( your name as listed on your personal Facebook account and the e-mail address associated with your Facebook account.

Please respond before May 9th if you are interested.

Here is the information we received:

Dear State Leader,

We know how valuable sharing information and suggestions among state gifted education leaders can be. After all, you face many of the same issues and challenges, no matter your size or geographic location. Avoiding reinventing the wheel – or getting a recommendation on new software or a new resource for your board or parent members is just plain smart!

To help NAGC state affiliate leaders interact and share, we have created a closed/private Facebook group for state leaders.

Because the FB page is a closed group, we will have to invite you to join so that the discussion can begin. And of course, that means that only those with a FB account can participate (Hopefully, anyone without a FB page will consider creating one. It’s pretty darn simple, as I can attest.)

Ideally, someone from each or your associations will gather the names and email addresses (the addresses linked to Facebook accounts) of the leaders in your organization that want to participate on the FB group page and will send me that list.

Of course, I will accept email addresses one-by-one, but you can imagine how much more efficient it will be if I have a cluster of individuals to invite at one time.

Looking forward to hearing from your associations and to getting the conversation going!