Ultimate Soccer Bowling

How To Play A Low Org Game You Can Take Back To Your Class

Target Audience

Recommended for intermediate or junior grades because the game requires some basic soccer skills such as passing and shooting

Equipment List

  • Twenty Bowling Pins
  • Two Hula Hoops
  • A Soccer Ball
  • A Skipping Rope
  • Enough Pinnies For One Team

Set Up

First, take the two hula hoops and place them one at one end of the field on the penalty kick dot and the second at the other end of the field on the penalty kick dot
Big image
Next, place ten of the bowling pins in each hula hoop and arrange them like they do in a bowling alley with one pin in the front, two pins in the second row, three in the third etc.
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Then, wrap the skipping rope about four feet around each hula hoop creating the goalie's crease, this should look like one circle inside another with the hula hoop being the inner circle and the skipping rope being the outer circle
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After that, decide who on each team will be the forewards, midfielders, fullbacks, and goalkeeper
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Finally, figure out which team gets first possession and kick off like you would in a soccer game. The ball starts at center and one player passes it to another to start the game
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How To Play

  1. The objective of the game is to kick the soccer ball past the other team's goalie and knock over as many pins as you can. (Note: 1 pin = 1 point with a 5 point bonus for a strike)
2. Once the ball is passed to start the game, the person in control of the ball cannot move and therefore must be given at least 3 feet of space at all times. Once he passes the ball he can continue to run and try to get open.
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3. You can't take the ball away from the person with the ball and the only way possession can change is if a pass is intercepted
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4. The goalie's crease is a circular line created by the skipping rope that runs 3-4 feet outside of the hula hoop and no one may enter this space except for the goalie. If anyone goes inside of these boundaries, the opposite team's goaltender will receive the ball inside of his/her crease.
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5. The goalie can use his hands to make a save and throw the ball back out, but the players cannot touch the ball with their hands or it will result in a free kick for the other team at the spot where the hand touched the ball.
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6. If the goalie accidentally knocks over some of his/her own pins the score counts for the other team.
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7. Once someone knocks over some of the other team's pins, the ball is placed back in the middle and play resumes with the team that just got scored on starting.
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8. The game is played for a predetermined time limit and the team with the most points at the end of the game wins.
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9. Have fun and play fair. May the best team win!

Safety Concerns

Before you take this game outside there are some safety concerns that we think you should be aware of. Obviously with everyone running around at the same time there is a risk that you could run into someone or something. The best advice we can give you to avoid this is just to keep your head up while you are running and be aware of your surroundings. Another risk that this game may present is the risk of getting hit with a ball that has been kicked. Again, if you are paying attention this can usually be avoided.

Game Variation

Another way that this game can be played is with no goaltenders and no crease. This way both teams have to rely more heavily on the defenders to stop the pins from getting knocked over. This changes both teams strategies because they might want more attackers to score more if there is no goalie. Or they might want more defenders to protect the pins better.

Have Fun!

Thank you for taking the time to view our game. If you enjoyed this game or want to see more low organizational games for your phys ed class check us out at our website: http://loworg.gym.games.com