Continuous Learning for Teachers

Educating the Educated

Change is Always Good

As a nation, to ensure that teachers are not left behind there has to be more workshops on skill improvements. There should also be an incentive plan in place for those teachers who continuously further their education. Just like students, teachers know what they need improvement in. They too have to keep themselves motivated and energetic about learning new things.

There are different online schools, interactive tutorials, as well as videos that teachers are able to take advantage of to further their education. Once they have done so then they can simply continue study and implement that knowledge into their lesson plans. By doing this makes the information easier to remember because it is being used often.

Teachers have Choices

Teachers should have choices. What works for one teacher may not work for the other teacher. Teachers should have the right to choose how they teach and what techniques they use. Unfortunately, everyone does not learn at the same rate or speed or even the same way and teachers are no different.

Consistency for All

Yes, I think there should be a standardized test that all teachers should have to take. Although teachers go through a lot they should still be held accountable in retaining the information just like the requirements of the students they are teaching. In my opinion all teachers should be required to make at least a B or above on the test that is given. This simply ensures that they were paying attention and that they are able and fit to teach.

ISTE Standards for Teachers

I think the ISTE Standards for Teachers is doing a great job and providing teachers with the skills and knowledge to teach students. It breaks it down into implementing lesson plans, student centered learning, how to create and implement framework and much more. It gives teaches more than just the basic knowledge it provides them with a step by step plan on how to be a successful teacher.
ISTE Standards: Preparing students for the digital age
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