St. Teresa Tidbit

Nov. 24, 2021

Family Envelope

The family manila envelope should have came home Monday or Tuesday. If your child has not given it to you, please look for it as it contains important information. Please sign and return the envelope to school so we can use it again. This month the envelope contained an Advent wreath kit, information about the Christmas concert, lunch menu, calendar, Holiday Scrip Contest information, and our new fundraising event MarketMania.

Holiday Bake Sale

Please consider helping with the St. Teresa Holiday Bake Sale on Dec. 4 at Wild Woods from 9-1. Juan Macario passed away in August and we would like to help support the family this holiday season. Three of his five children currently attend our school. Please consider packaging holiday cookies or candies into plates of 6 or 12 items. We also could use some help with supervision. I need volunteers from 9-11 and 11-1. It will be a free will offering and MS students can work for Blue Cord hours. Please let me know if you can help out in any way. Thank you.

A Note From Public Health

During the month of October, we knew of 164 cases in the county and already for November we know of 120 cases of COVID. The increase in cases is being recognized locally and across the state. All ages are being affected. Most of these individuals have indicated that they felt as though a cold was coming on-sniffles and runny nose. They didn't lose taste/smell until later on in their disease course. As you know we can't keep everyone home due to sniffles, but it's a good time to remind students and families of the need for good hand hygiene and good respiratory hygiene. So far, our influenza rates are low, but several schools in the state have already been reporting a 10% absenteeism rate.
We have had some students getting their 1st COVID shots and appointment times are filling quickly. COVID shots are available at the local pharmacies, clinics and public health, all by appointment.
Please let us know if we can be of assistance.

Krista Vanden Brink, RN, BA
Winneshiek County Public Health Nursing Service

Snow Days

Last week at the board meeting, it was decided to follow the same plan as South Winn for snow days. Below is the plan:

Dear Students and Parents:

Last year, due to the pandemic, Iowa law was changed to allow school districts to use virtual (online) learning on emergency closure days in place of make-up days at the end of the school year. However, at the end of last school year, the law was reversed back.

Currently, the Iowa Department of Education allows schools to use virtual learning to make up missed instructional time only above and beyond the required 1,080 hours. For 2021-22, South Winn has 53.7 hours (roughly 8 school days) of instruction beyond the minimum 1080 hours of instruction required. These are essentially built-in snow days. However, because our teacher’s are contracted by days and not hours, we do need to make up some of those days. I firmly believe that utilizing virtual learning in January and February is more beneficial than face-to-face learning in June.

On Monday night, the school board approved a plan to utilize a blend of traditional inclement weather days and virtual learning days this year. Our first inclement weather day will be a traditional school closure day. The next two inclement weather days would be virtual learning days and would count toward those that need to be made up. In the case of a fourth inclement weather day, we would begin this cycle again (see the sample schedule below). When school is closed, the announcement will indicate whether it will be a virtual learning day or a traditional snow day. In the event of a late start or an early dismissal, there will be no virtual learning. Kris Einck, Superintendent

Day 1 - Traditional Snow Day

No Learning Required

Day 2 - Remote Learning Day

Asynchronous Learning via Google Classroom or SeeSaw/ Learning Packet

Day 3 - Remote Learning Day

Asynchronous Learning via Google Classroom or SeeSaw/Learning Packet

Day 4 - Traditional Snow Day

No Learning Required

Day 5 - Remote Learning Day

Asynchronous Learning via Google Classroom or SeeSaw/Learning Packet

Day 6 - Remote Learning Day

Asynchronous Learning via Google Classroom or SeeSaw/Learning Packet

Day 7 - Traditional Snow Day

No Learning Required

Day 8 - Remote Learning Day

Asynchronous Learning via Google Classroom or SeeSaw/Learning Packet

Student Tuition Organization

Please consider giving this holiday season to the Student Tuition Organization (STO). This is our main source of tuition assistance for our school. Last year our students received $56,341 in financial support through this organization.

Upcoming Events:

Nov. 24-28 Thanksgiving Break

Nov. 28 Advent begins

Dec. 8 All School Mass- Solemnity of the Immaculate Mary

Dec. 12 First Reconciliation- St. Al's

Dec. 14 7:00 Board of Education

Dec. 15 2:15 Ossian PS Christmas Concert- Ossian gym

Dec. 15 6:30 K-8 Christmas Concert- Ossian gym

Dec. 16 6:00 Calmar PS Christmas Concert- St. Al's

Dec. 17 two hour early out

Dec . 18-Jan. 3 Christmas vacation

Jan. 4 classes resume