The Most Important NUTRIENT!

Foods you can eat to maintain Phosphorus.

Some foods that have alot of phosphorus in it are Seeds, Cheese, Fish, Shellfish, Nuts, Pork, Beef, Yogurt, & Beans
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What Does Phosphorus do for me and my growing baby?

  • It helps build you and your baby strong bones
  • 85% of your phosphorus is found in your bones this shows you that Phosphorus is needed for your bones.
  • You need this for blood clotting, cramps, Kidney Funtion, and normal heart rate
  • It helps the body genrate and use energy.

Effects of not using Phosphorus daily? :O

The lack of Phosphorus can lead to hypoplastic enamel in the unborn baby's detention and to subsequent early childhood carries. In other words it can mess up your unborn child teeth when it starts to grow.

Muscles and Bones will become weak.

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Babies Without Phosphorus :/ </3

Babies with Phosphorus :)

Which Baby Do You Want?

Make sure you eat foods with Phosporus. Its important for your body and your baby's future.