My Name is Moses

About Me!

I was found as a stray in West Dallas. I was being fed by a citizen who later trapped me and brought me to Operation Kindness. I really like the people I come in contact with. Living on the street, I learned to get out of places he did not need to be, so I will need a high wooden fence because I can climb chain link fences, even if they are six feet high. I am a young lab who will need lots of play and exercise and TRAINING from an EXPERIENCED LARGE DOG OWNER. I don’t really work well with small animals like cats and smaller dogs. Because of this, we also recommend that I go to a home with mature adults who know how to train and handle large high energy dogs. I am a strong dog and can easily knock over a small child without meaning to. I may be able to live with another large dog; however I will need to meet the other dog first